About Us

We as a family have been involved in mission work for the past twenty years as part of the work of Moreson Mission in the Western Cape South Africa.

In July / August 2011 we clearly experienced the leading of God to move to Onseepkans in the Northern Cape, on the border between South Africa and Namibia. In October 2011 we pulled up our roots at Moreson Mission and moved as family to Onseepkans. Onseepkans is a small but unique settlement on the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape Province. It is about 60 km north of Pofadder at the border crossing between South Africa and Namibia.

The settlement was established in, approximately, 1916 by missionaries and the population (Stats SA census 2001) is 916 of which 91% belong to the coloured population group. The area is arid and very hot, with summer temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures in the early 30’s.

The economical lifeline of Onseepkans is an approximately 16km long ground canal, channelling water from the Orange River (the largest river in South Africa) to a number of irrigation plots, ideally situated for flood irrigation. The functionality of this canal increasingly deteriorated over the past few years until such a state that at the end of 2011 it completely ran dry.

During 2005 many of the small irrigation farms (plots) were sold to emerging farmers from the local community as part of the Land Reform program. Unfortunately, none of these emerging farmer groups made a success of their farming activities. This due to a number of reasons, such as a lack of experience, the small size of the plots, the lack of production capital, the sharp increases in production input costs, and many more.

The result, most of these once productive irrigation plots are now abandoned and being overgrown with invasive plant species. In the early years, the irrigation plots sustained a vibrant and prosperous community, but this has changed for the worse for a number of reasons and the area is now struggling with huge unemployment and poverty. Apart from agricultural activity, Onseepkans has no other economical way of income, and a huge percentage of the population depends on social grants from the government to survive.

Since our coming to Onseepkans, through our contact with the community, we came to realize the spiritual and practical needs of the people. Groceries are very expensive in Onseepkans, many people in the community struggle to survive on a daily basis. We started a little shop to give people the opportunity to buy groceries and other necessities at more affordable prices. The shop created an opportunity for many contacts with the community and many spiritual conversations.

At the beginning of 2012 I was elected as part of the Irrigation board, and since laboured on behalf of the community to get our canal in a running condition again. This has been a long and wearisome struggle the past ten months with no real success until now. We hope that in the near future we somehow will get the situation resolved.

Please pray for the functioning of the canal again, since it serves not only the agricultural community but also provides some households and the local police station with water.

Please pray for us that we will experience God’s leading how to help the community in a spiritual and practical way.